Saturday, February 12, 2011

Suessville Party Extravaganza

I decided to go with a "Thing 2 & Thing 3" birthday theme, I thought it would be super cute if I referred to the girl's in their birth order, instead of just making it a "Thing 1 & Thing" 2  theme; since my second and third are only 12 months a part, I thought this is the cutest combined theme ever!.
After doing my research and brainstorming I decided to change the party to a "Seussville" theme because the reality is that the possibility's are endless!!!!
I had to cut down allot of my ideas, but overall it was one of the cutest parties I have thrown to date:)
I made my goodie bags out of red lunch bags and added turquoise blue tissue paper to give it some flair:) I also cut out white circles that said Thing 2 and some said Thing 3 and glued them in the front, I got allot of my goodies to add to the bags from ebay including brand new in the package Burger King cat in the hat movie action figures I also bought some great goodies from birthday express from their "Cat in the hat" party line
I decided to have a Candy bar instead of a pinata which was also a great hit with kids and adults, each guest took home a little white box with a tag thanking them for joining us full of candy and yummy homeade pastrys:)

My custom invitations I got from Cassandra on Etsy ( she is AWESOME) she also helped me bring to life some of my other visions with some other card stock creations. The invitation was a book about the birthday girls and their sisters, I will be posting some pictures of their invite soon:) All of the food was Seuss inspired and made by me, I was running late that day and I did receive some much needed help from my family when it came to frosting, in the end it turned out Super cute!..and the girl's had a blast:)

Seuss Cupcake tower, I made the cupcake's myself they were red velvet with cream cheese frosting YUMMY!  I used blue cotton candy on top of the cupcakes "quick tip" cotton candy gets hard after a while I suggest you put it on right at the start of your party or right before you are about to serve, I also made my own number cupcake picks and "Happy Birthday" picks.
 I got the girl's "Smash Cake" at "Amy's Bakery" and they really did an amazing job!

 I also had "The Cat in the Hat" playing in the background and I used the girl's Seuss books to decorate around the room as well.
 I thought these banners added a GREAT personal touch to the party, and it also made a great decoration, its very simple and fast to make.
 I thought it would be super cute to hang some of my favorite Seuss quotes as decor.

 The candy bar was probably MY favorite part about the party!
 I used a Cat in the hat candy bowl as the main centerpiece of the candy bar to really set that Seuss theme!
 I had the idea to place fun quirky quotes thruout the candy bar

 I made "Cat's cookies out of mini chocolate chip cookies frosted them with vanilla frosting and I used cinnamon disks and white lifesavers to create Cat's hat.
 Sam I am cupcakes
 What Seuss party would not be complete without "Green eggs and Ham"
Seuss Buffet table
 I tried to name each food item on the menu I used Dr Seuss "Green eggs and Ham" cook book, for my inspiration
 yummy Who Pudding:)

 I bought my girl's custom Seuss outfits to wear to the party, they were  made by on Etsy, she is truly AWESOME their outfits were a big hit:) This is my youngest Chloe in one of Aquamars Boutiques custom creations.
 Big sister Zoe posing with uncle Matt:)
I had my brother in law (Matt) and his buddy wear our  old "Things" Halloween costumes to bring some flair to the party.
Lola and uncle Matt

 Birthday girl Lola soo excited to blow out her candles
 Happy Birthday Lola Moon!
 Bella a little overwhelmed by the singing crowd:)
 Happy Birthday Bella Mia!
Here are the girl's on Halloween, this was where my inspiration came for the party, we all dresses as "Things" for Halloween.

Here is our Family photo on Halloween at Downtown Disney we were a BIG hit!...We felt like celebrity's walking down Downtown Disney:) I made the costumes myself with ALLOT of help from my mother in law she made the wigs out of knitted beanies and made the hair with yarn. I bought red union suits on eBay new and used, and my mother in law made the "Thing" numbers with felt and we simply placed fabric glue to place them on the suit, very simple to make.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Diah's 1st Birthday Party (Mod Monkey)

My baby niece just celebrated her 1st birthday party this past January, my sis in-law did an awesome job planning her little one's party, one of the cutest Monkey parties I've seen:)
Her party was inspired by Pink-Mod-Monkey-1st-Birthday-Party by Birthday Express, she also made unique and super cute candy inspired center pieces that went along with the pink and lime green candy bar.
I custom made a variety of picture cupcake picks for the the HUGE cupcake tower, most of the pictures on the picks were  printed on card stock and glossy picture paper. The rest of the picks were made with card stock, and glitter card stock paper and plain toothpicks.
The final result was ADORABLE! Can't Wait for next years bash:)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Inspiration

My inspiration, drive, and motivation in life are obviously no other than my four little girl's!:)
Although I didn't know a couple of years ago I would have OCD when I planned my girl's birthday party's. I definitely knew I would be planning party's at one point or another, this is going to sound funny BUT I was  inspired and motivated after watching "The Wedding Planner" with Jennifer Lopez.
Although I have always been very creative and detail oriented, I never thought I would get a rush from making others special day magical and although I have not planned any weddings YET!;)
I plan on venturing  into wedding planning one day starting with my own, I will be renewing my wedding vowels in about 4 years (May 2015) the  theme will be no other than  "Happily Ever After" and I am hoping some of it will take place at my Favorite place ....DISNEYLAND!
I am the BIGGEST Disney fan I know, and would LOVE for some of my wedding celebration take place at Disneyland the park, stay tuned for  updates on that project to come soon.

Until then I am focused on my girl's birthday celebrations:) which I have to say are soooooo much FUN to plan!:)
I want my girls to look back when they are older and look at their parties and relive the happiness and joy those moments brought to their life. I wish those memories always bring them a reminder of how special they are and how MUCH Momma LOVES them<3

Since I am such a big Disney freak it was going to be obvious that my first born was going to have a DISNEYLAND theme birthday party:) I regret not taking the time out to take more pictures that day:(  I only have very few pictures of the party, that I will be posting in the next few day's... BUT I do have a picture of her AWESOME cake.
I had the cake made at a local bakery I designed the cake and they brought it to life. I  provided all the accessories myself I bought them all over the place including Downtown Disney, it was a truly magical cake!

Baby Farm Parties and Ideas has arrived!

This is my VERY first post, I am very excited to say the least:) I have been wanting to start a party blog for a while now. I have to admitt I have procrastinated quite a bit do to my busy lifestyle and the curve balls that motherhood sends her way, but here I am! I am hoping my ideas can help and inspire party planners and most important all MOM'S out there:)