Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Inspiration

My inspiration, drive, and motivation in life are obviously no other than my four little girl's!:)
Although I didn't know a couple of years ago I would have OCD when I planned my girl's birthday party's. I definitely knew I would be planning party's at one point or another, this is going to sound funny BUT I was  inspired and motivated after watching "The Wedding Planner" with Jennifer Lopez.
Although I have always been very creative and detail oriented, I never thought I would get a rush from making others special day magical and although I have not planned any weddings YET!;)
I plan on venturing  into wedding planning one day starting with my own, I will be renewing my wedding vowels in about 4 years (May 2015) the  theme will be no other than  "Happily Ever After" and I am hoping some of it will take place at my Favorite place ....DISNEYLAND!
I am the BIGGEST Disney fan I know, and would LOVE for some of my wedding celebration take place at Disneyland the park, stay tuned for  updates on that project to come soon.

Until then I am focused on my girl's birthday celebrations:) which I have to say are soooooo much FUN to plan!:)
I want my girls to look back when they are older and look at their parties and relive the happiness and joy those moments brought to their life. I wish those memories always bring them a reminder of how special they are and how MUCH Momma LOVES them<3

Since I am such a big Disney freak it was going to be obvious that my first born was going to have a DISNEYLAND theme birthday party:) I regret not taking the time out to take more pictures that day:(  I only have very few pictures of the party, that I will be posting in the next few day's... BUT I do have a picture of her AWESOME cake.
I had the cake made at a local bakery I designed the cake and they brought it to life. I  provided all the accessories myself I bought them all over the place including Downtown Disney, it was a truly magical cake!

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